Making Aylsham a sustainable community…

Aylsham Town Council declared a climate emergency on 18th August 2021.

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Aylsham Climate Emergency Group

Who are we?

In August 2021, Aylsham Town Council declared a climate emergency looking towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030. The council formed a group – ACE (Aylsham Climate Emergency) and this community-led membership set up five sub-groups, each working towards a strategy to achieve this.

It’s not just about reducing carbon emissions on a local scale, but also raising awareness of global climate change.

Each sub-group will target the main areas which contribute to the crisis. If you would like to get involved, or if you have a project for consideration, please…

The strategy guidelines:

We aim to:

  • Identify main sources of emissions

  • Recognise which sources will be reduced by outside factors eg. Government action or technological developments.

  • Identify the most impactful changes that Aylsham residents and organisations can make.

  • Create a 10 year plan of action.

  • Run pilots for each measure using enthusiastic volunteers from social networks (real and virtual) across Aylsham.

  • Monitor and improve measures based on feedback from pilots.

What is ACE?

ACE has been formed as a result of the Town Council declaring a Climate Emergency.

It consists of some Town Councillors but is mainly comprised of interested members of the community.

Who sits on ACE?

Town Councillors Trevor Bennett, Mary Evans, Cheryl Bould, Kay Montandon, Catherine Fletcher and Patrick Prekopp

​District Councillor Sue Catchpole

When does it meet?

ACE normally meets every month on the first Monday at 7:00pm.

Agendas for future meetings are available at least 3 days beforehand, and minutes published within two weeks.

ACE News

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