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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why get involved?2023-02-17T13:34:51+00:00

    By joining ACE, you will be part of a group helping to make Aylsham a more environmentally friendly place and help it achieve its target of net zero carbon by 2030.

    Do I have to join one of the sub-groups?2023-02-17T13:37:57+00:00

    We would love it if you did. We need more volunteers in the groups to bring fresh ideas and new energy. However, we welcome anyone interested in ACE, and we recognise that not everyone wants to get tied into a group. We would welcome your ideas and suggestions for reducing carbon emissions in Aylsham.

    Will I have to go to meetings?2023-02-17T13:38:38+00:00

    It might be good to go to one, because you will meet people, and get an idea of what the five ACE groups are doing.

    How is ACE connected to the Town Council?2023-02-17T13:39:12+00:00

    ACE is a committee of the Town Council, which supports our activities

    Do I have to pay to join?2023-02-17T13:39:49+00:00


    I have a project that might suit, can I submit it anyway?2023-02-17T13:40:11+00:00

    Of course, all new ideas are welcome. Just check to see which group would be most helpful in developing that idea.

    I like to do, not talk, can I still help?2023-02-17T13:40:33+00:00

    ACE is not a talking shop but aims to provide practical solutions to everyday environmental problems like litter, recycling, heating costs, etc. See which group meets your interests and contact them directly.

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