ACE – Energy  |   August 2022

The ACE Energy Group has bought a thermal imaging camera to help homeowners and businesses identify where heat is being lost around the house or office.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Photo of the outside of a house taken by the thermal imaging camera
showing before and after the fitting of cavity wall insulation.

The project to use the camera was launched in the early autumn 2022 so that residents can become better informed on how to insulate their homes. Demonstrations of how the camera works were given at the Green Day event on 25 September 2022. A number of volunteers have been trained to use the camera and are able to carry out a thermal imaging survey of a resident’s home on request.

The summary of the findings are sent directly to the resident. The aim is to increase awareness of energy conservation at a time of escalating price increases.

If you would like a survey carried out to enable you to target heat loss in your home or business, please click the booking icon below, and we will get back to you.

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