Carbon Calculators now available on our website

To enable people to reduce their carbon footprint they initially need to be able to calculate their current footprint. To assist with this Aylsham Town Council have added a carbon footprint calculator to their website. This can be used by both individual households and also small businesses. We encourage everyone to calculate their current carbon expenditure.

Why Climate Stripes?

No words. No numbers. No graphs. Just 170 vertical coloured bars, showing the progressive heating of our planet in a single, striking image.

The climate stripes were created by Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading in 2018. They show clearly and vividly how global average temperatures have risen over nearly two centuries,

How do they work?

Each stripe represents the average temperature for a single year, relative to the average temperature over the period as a whole. Shades of blue indicate cooler-than-average years, while red shows years that were hotter than average. The stark band of deep red stripes on the right-hand side of the graphic show the rapid heating of our planet in recent decades.

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