ACE – Transport  |   February 2023

One of the many objections is based on the failure of the plans to address climate issues.  Below are the key points relevant to ACE:

  • Climate concerns are a major part of the Neighbourhood Plan and Aylsham Town Council represents one of the few communities in Broadland to declare a climate emergency. It was, therefore, disappointing to read the planning application for Norwich Road promising awareness of climate issues, but instead creating many problems.
  • The addition of another 345 dwellings will create a significant increase in traffic volume through the town. Many streets are narrow as the layout of the town dates back to Medieval times.
  • Pollution from noise, dust and significant traffic will be extensive during construction. Once the site is built there will be a notable increase in traffic between 300 and 500 new vehicles.
  • The proximity of the proposed site to Grade 2 listed Diggens Farm will cause environmental damage to a wildlife pond and the wildlife in that area. There is also no mention of swift boxes, bee bricks and awareness of the need for hedgehogs to move through the gardens.
  • There is no evidence in these plans with regard to electricity charging points and the methods of heating.
  • The environment will suffer through the cumulative impact on air, noise and light pollution of two developments in addition to the work Vattenfall will be undertaking.
  • Provision of open spaces is inadequate. They would be beneficial for wildlife and wellbeing of residents as would a green corridor to link with open spaces beyond the site.
  • A judicial review of the link to the A47 may recommend significant changes to any developments based on their impact on chalk streams and waste water problems from the Water Recycling Centre into the River Bure.
  • The environmental quality team highlight the lack of a buffer on the boundary of the site to the A140 to mitigate against noise that would affect the houses.
  • The high density housing presents problems with water run-off. It is proposed to use infiltration techniques, but the permeability of the soil makes this very difficult and will have an adverse impact on the biodiversity features of the wildlife pond in Diggens Farm.

More details of this objection can be found on the Town Council website.

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