Oulton Solar Farm nr Aylsham with a total output of 5 MW


Committed to help reduce Aylsham’s energy-related carbon footprint.


Identify and share sources of information on energy matters with the wider community

Communicate local and self-help information and identify any grant funding that may be available.

Engage with businesses and organisations as well as Aylsham Town Council and Broadland District Council.

ACE – Energy

The Energy Group is here to help Aylsham residents to reduce their oil, gas, coal and electricity consumption as part of ACE’s objective to make Aylsham carbon neutral by 2030.

To achieve this ambitious and vital aspiration, we will support our community by raising awareness and highlighting opportunities and alternatives as well as lobbying for change within the town and Broadland district councils.

We offer residents household heat loss surveys using an infra-red imaging camera and to provide leaflets with energy/cost saving tips.

Legislation & Grants

Climate related legislation and grants – available for the introduction of heat pumps and other energy changes

Car Use

Car sharing to include information on Lift-Share which is a scheme already in existence in Norfolk but could be further publicised

Buy Local

Use of local food produce and distribution to reduce energy costs and the need for transportation

Energy Saving

Energy saving solutions suitable for individuals and households – these can be simple and effective

Thermal Camera

Organising the purchase and use of a thermal imaging camera to help local households to identify insulation need

Young People

Encourage the involvement of local young people in any energy related project.

News from ACE – Energy

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