ACE – Energy is interested in providing advice on a range of energy topics. This includes information on government support and grants as well as matters such as green mortgages and loans.

There is much that can be done on a local level and this is the group’s main concern. We are establishing close links with schools and the community by providing general energy saving advice and drawing attention to several local networks already in existence. The aim is to increase awareness of energy conservation at a time of escalating price increases.

The Energy Group has secured funding from Aylsham Town Council to buy a thermal imaging camera. The project to use the camera was launched in 2022 so that residents can become better informed on how to insulate their homes.

A number of volunteers have trained to use the camera and will carry out a thermal imaging survey of a resident’s home on request. A summary of the findings will then be sent directly to the resident.

We look forward to receiving your comments and answering your questions.

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