Market Place in Aylsham, where buses, cars, pedestrians and cyclists mingle.


Committed to reducing carbon emissions in Aylsham and promoting and supporting zero emission transport.

We aim to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

We will lobby for transport investment into cycling, walking, and public transport, such as electric buses.

A greener traffic system in which pedestrians and vehicles co-exist in a safe and practical manner.

The ACE Transport group is working closely with Aylsham Town Council to design an environmentally friendly and safe space for people by reducing the carbon footprint of residents, businesses and visitors to the town.

However, Aylsham faces major environmental challenges following plans to build  two new housing developments creating nearly 600 homes in the town.

Since 2021,  the Town Council have been in discussion with the developers, Hopkin’s Homes, who plan to build 250 homes on Burgh Road, and Norfolk Homes, who want to build another 345 dwellings on the adjacent Norwich Road site. We have advised Hopkin’s Homes on energy provision for the homes, charging points, open spaces, a green corridor through the site, footpaths and issues connected with the roads.

But the Norwich Road site plans were put forward without any consultation and add to the potential damage to the local environment and to an ancient town without the infrastructure to cope. The Town Council have objected to the legality of this plan which is currently with the Planning Inspectorate in London to determine.

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