Are you passionate about trees and keen to be the eyes, ears and voice for trees and hedgerows around Aylsham?

The Aylsham Climate Emergency (ACE) Nature group is looking for enthusiastic volunteer wardens to monitor and improve awareness of trees and their value to communities.

The project is part of the group’s plans for 2023 which includes mapping open spaces with public access and to undertake a garden survey.

Working with the Broadland Tree Warden Network, the tree warden will get to know the trees in their local patch, provide free advice to Aylsham Town Council and the public, and will alert Broadland District Council if trees are diseased, damaged, or dangerous.

“You don’t need to shin up trees or be a dab hand with a chainsaw,” says Tracy Brighten, a member of ACE Nature.

“The role is as much about building relationships with landowners, councillors, and the local community as it is about monitoring.”

Whether you’re a student, working age, or retired, the role is yours to shape. You can organise tree and hedge planting, become an expert on diseases and pests, or work with schools and young people to encourage them to appreciate trees.

Training will be available and wardens will be supported by experienced Broadland Tree Wardens and Tree Officers. The role can be shared between volunteers.

As a tree warden, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • plant and care for trees
  • carry out woodland management
  • set up tree nurseries using seeds collected locally (schools/care homes/local groups)
  • involve your neighbours in tree projects
  • recommend trees for protection and comment on applications for works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

“Trees provide shelter and food for all kinds of animals, from insects to birds to mammals and host lichens and fungi,” says Tracy.

” But stalwart ancients and vulnerable saplings alike are at risk from diseases, pests, extreme weather, and unscrupulous activities. In a nutshell, trees need protection.”

To find out more about the Aylsham Tree Warden role, email Tracy Brighten at the ACE Nature group

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