Swifts are unobtrusive nesters, so a few feathers may be the only clue that swifts have chosen your property to raise their family each year. Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, it is illegal to disturb or remove the active nests of wild birds. Where possible, please, carry out roofing and eaves renovations outside the breeding season.

  • A minimum 4m off the ground, not above windows
  • A clear flight path of 15m or more and a clear drop below
  • Avoid south or west aspects unless shaded by eaves or overhang, or nest box has uPVC sloping roof and uPVC sides
  • Flat-roof boxes should be snug to soffits to prevent predators from perching
  • Swifts like to nest near each other, so fit two nest bricks or boxes if you can.

For information and advice on nest boxes and bricks to suit your property and budget, contact Pat by email at aylshamswifts@gmail.com or Tracy via Facebook @AylshamSwiftGroup or X (Twitter) @AylshamSwifts

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