All Hallow’s Eve is when many traditions are enacted such as carving seasonal pumpkins to adorn them with ghoulish faces, dressing up as witches, ghosts and goblins and going out trick or treating in the hopes of scaring your friends and gathering lots of yummy food.
But, for our climate, the most terrifying thing about Halloween isn’t the small spooky visitors but the waste it creates; the volume of pumpkins thrown away, watts of lighting energy used, non-recyclable plastic props bought and mountain of packaging discarded year after year is horrifying.
Here are some tips for a greener Halloween which is much friendlier to our planet while still keeping a level of supernatural fun.

DECORATIONS  – Reuse items and collect supplies through the year

Turn egg boxes into hanging bats by painting them black and adding some spooky eyes
Make a glowing lantern with painted cardboard and tissue paper
Gather autumn leaves and sew onto a thread to make a garland
Make tombstones from cardboard boxes

COSTUMES – Make your own

Keep old clothes and bedding like black t-shirts and white sheets
Up-cycle used (charity shop) clothing and look for pre-loved props
Learn how to sew with groups like Mend with Friends in Aylsham

TREATS – Buy locally produced treats

Look for sweets with little packaging – some Aylsham sweet shops sell them wrapper-free
Bake your own cookies with reusable bat and pumpkin cookie cutters


Don’t just carve your pumpkin, cook it too
Make a pumpkin facemask
Make a bowl or plant pot
Donate your pumpkin to community gardens and local gardening groups for composting (find them in the Town Guide)


Use LED bulbs
Use rechargeable battery or solar powered lighting
Avoid energy draining inflatables and smoke machines

This Halloween, banish the haunting spectre of waste and think climate friendly.

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