Sustainable local food…


The sustainable food group supports the growing, sharing and marketing of good local food.



We support and encourage reducing food miles.

We encourage growing food locally and sustainably, especially free of chemicals.

We advocate ways of sharing food to combat food poverty.

Aylsham Farmers’ Market

This is a place where groups and individuals concerned about all aspects to do with the quality of food which we eat can come to share ideas and build partnerships.  Some of the conversations we’ve been having recently are about garden sharing, food forests, pay-it-forward schemes and foraging for wild food.

We are working with Eves Hill Veg Co who are teaching local people how to grow their own food through courses and volunteering.

We are also researching organisations that sell, grow, or provide sustainable food.

We’d love to hear about your ideas so come and help us to make all these things happen in Aylsham.

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